I hate this economy

I am fine. Well-employed. Bought a new 5 year old used car the other day actually. But I hate this economy. I hate the bail-outs for Wall Street. I hate that Wall Streeters can’t seem to live on $150k – $180k per year. I know things are expensive in NY. But San Francisco is right up there. And we live on less. Go ahead and give some super-hotshot ethical Wall Streeter his $250k/$300k. But really, bonuses in the 7 figures or upper 6 figures. No.

We have no children. Together, we pull in a decent salary, though not one large enough that will make it easy to raise a child in this city (no, we’re not expecting one yet). We own no real estate. So we can deduct nothing from our taxes. We pay a very large amount in taxes. We are paying for this bailout.

I don’t hate this economy for the lack of consumerism. I think it’s good actually. And I want to be given our bitter pill so that the economy can sort itself out without ‘the bubble’ being propped up by the government.

But I do hate this economy for its murdering of hope. People can believe in Barack Obama all they want, but everyday the numbers come out. More jobs lost. And when you are new in a country and you are trying to change your life when the language and absolutely everything is different from everything you’ve ever known, it’s too easy to think “Why bother?” Everyone is losing their job.

But this economy will prove what kind of American do you want to be. The kind who loves the easy money of the properous years, who inherits the famed attempts of the California goldminers in seach of luck — whether in gold, an internet start-up, real estate, or whatever the next bubble brings. Or are you going to be the type of American echoing the anonymous legends of the past, who pulled themselves up by bootstraps, worked hard, and gave their attempts at success every ounce of sweat and sacrifice they had.


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