25 Things

Sorry I haven’t written lately. We were working on our wedding album and didn’t get much sleep during that time as there was a tight deadline. And now, there’s this little thing called a ‘recession’ going on in the world. 62,000 jobs were announced to be cut yesterday. We are feeling especially dutiful towards our employers right now.

Despite our fears about the economy and our job security in the latter 1/2 of 2009 (we feel safe for the 1st half), we are going to go look at purchasing a used 2004 Volkswagen Golf tonight from a dealer. We have been searching and searching for the perfect car at the perfect price for months and have finally found a contender. I’m wearing purple right now for luck.

And lastly, there’s a game going around right now on Facebook where you write 25 random things about yourself that people may or may not know. Mine are here:

1. I’m always trying to balance roots/wings. Wanderlust with nesting.
2. I don’t eat bread. It’s not an Atkins thing.
3. Fashion is an art, not a status symbol. (Thanks Kara!)
4. I spent a term studying at a Catholic Seminary. I now never go to church/mass.
5. I have 2 60-pound wonders dogs that have their very own European passports. They are my first loves.
6. I’m married to the absolutest nicest guy in the world and love him deeply. He tolerates my profound devotion to my dogs. Luckily, he loves them too.
7. I would rather drive a good, used German car than a new Japanese one. I never even look at American cars.
8. I never meant to be a software engineer. It just turned out to be something I could do when I got sick of being a poor student. Now my brain is too trained to be anything else.
9. I’d rather be working in fashion. But I like the economic security of engineering.
10. I’ve learned that wherever you go, you tend to take your problems with you. So best to solve them before you leave.
11. By the same token, I’ve learned it’s great to take advice and listen to other people’s insights. But at the end of the day, we’re all different people and have to do what’s right for us.
12. I’m usually happiest when I’m listening to my own intuition. Even when I make mistakes, they’re my mistakes.
13. I’m usually late by at least 15 minutes.
14. I once went back to my “hometown” after being away for many years and got weirded out that the people there seemed to remember more about my life there than I do.
15. My brain is pretty good at garbage collection.
16. My dad was a butcher for much of his life. He hunted. I grew up in Iowa and watched him hack of the heads of chickens to cook for dinner and I frequently arrive my parents’ house to a dead deer in the garage. But I’m a vegetarian.
17. I commute by bike to work.
18. Nothing is more beautiful than the Pacific hitting the rocky California shore at sunset (though the Amalfi coast comes close).
19. I really want a baby but have doubts about how well I would balance the demands of motherhood with the demands of a full-time+ job that is filled with 90+% men.
20. Even though the nature of my career was unexpected, I’m a bit proud of myself for making it this far.
21. I dream of a flat/house with such basic modern amenities as insulation, heat, a non-shared hot water heater, dishwasher and washer/dryer. But I would never give up my original hardwood floors or prime hip location.
22. I still get all drooly-eyed whenever I see my husband. He is just too cute for words.
23. I prefer Modern Art and Design to traditional/masters.
24. Van Gogh’s early works of the field workers in Holland are my favorites of his as they remind of the low, dark, dreary Dutch winter sky. Makes me love California all the more.
25. I’d put a Miro on my wall before I’d hang a Van Gogh.


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