Good-bye 2008

Good-bye 2008. When I met you, I had just returned from 17-day solo adventure in SE Asia. I had been living with my Ukrainian boyfriend for 4 months. I had high hopes for my career at my then-current employer. My grandmother was still living. My sister wasn’t pregnant. And my brother still had some hearing in both ears.

And then, 2008, you came with gusto!! A romantic trip away with my boyfriend turned into a marriage proposal. I got married. My employment situation went downhill really fast. My grandmother died. I got married again (to the same man). I started a new job. My sister had a baby. My brother lost all his hearing in his right ear and had to get a cochlear implant. My Ukrainian now-husband got his green card. Started working. And finished his MBA. All my travels (of which there were many) were confined to the U.S. Christmas was a bust. New Year’s Eve Day has started off with cake and chocolate. Will end with quiet house parties. And tomorrow morning will be yet another year.

I feel a lot older now. And a lot more tired. And maybe, even, a lot more unsure about the world.

2008, you wore me out. You brought me great blessings and intense joys. But also, you tried my patience, deluged me with sorrows, and made me question what I really do want. And you’ve tethered me to commitments I never thought I would make. I leave you having no answers. But I will tell you this:  now, more than ever, I know who I am.


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