The house we like

A friend in the Netherlands emailed me recently to ask if the Ukrainian and I were taking advantage of the falling house prices in the U.S. and bought a house here in San Francisco.

Nooooo….we are not buying a house here. Even with the falling house prices and my proclivity to purchasing overpriced shoes, we are nowhere near the economic strata necessary to purchase one.

In October, however, we did come upon this wonderful little house with amazing views in the Glen Park neighborhood. The asking price at the time? $929,000. We thought “Wow, what a deal. You can actually buy a house for under $1,000,000 in San Francisco. Of course, the mortgage payments would work out to be about $7k a month. We can’t afford that.

Curiously, this morning, I checked to see if the house is still available. It is!! All for the low, low price of only $849,000. Here it is!

(*I joke. I really don’t think that $849k is a low price for a house. And we still can’t afford it.)

(Rereading the listing, I think it *is* in the process of being sold. It’s in escrow right now.)


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