Wanted: Ukrainian or Russian Fashion Blog

Ok, I know there are a few readers on here from Kyiv and there has been the occasional visitor from Moscow. This query is for you all.I don’t know if you are men or women, but do you know of any Ukrainian or Russian fashion blogs? Or any Ukrainian or Russian fashion magazine sites? Thinking about the devushka style this morning made me really want to see websites that are either aspirational of Russian and/or Ukrainian style or reflective of the street style.

Please, if you know of any, leave their URLs in the comments section below! 🙂

Spaceba!  (did I spell that right? I don’t have a cyrillic keyboard on my computer — yet)


2 Responses to “Wanted: Ukrainian or Russian Fashion Blog”

  1. Dr. Geek Says:

    All of this talk of devushka style reminds me of the old Les Nessman/WKRP exchange:

    Les: Have you ever wondered why Russian women look like men?
    Bailey: I hadn’t noticed
    Les: I think they kidnap men from all over the world, take them to Moscow and turn them into Russian women.
    Bailey : Do you?
    Les: That’s what I think happened to Jimmy Hoffa. By now he’s probably a grandmother in the Ukraine.

    Oh, how times have changed!

  2. puigirl Says:

    Hahah…yeah. Russian women really have upped their looks in the past 30 years. Meanwhile American women (and certain Northern European ones) are more likely to dress like men.

    The question will be…who will age better?

    (I was completely obsessed with devushkas in the Spring. Do not be suprised if you hear a lot more about them and style here.)

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