Today’s Agenda

* Take dogs to Dolores Park (done)

* Work on java code (in progress)

* Go to gym

* Go for bike ride

* Tidy house

* Sweep (kind of goes with tidy house but the black dog sheds so much hair it’s a separate task)

* Make Ebelskiver (danish stuffed pancakes) for the Ukrainian

* Make homemade vanilla pudding to fill the Ebelskiver mentioned above

* Go to grocery store to get said Ebelskiver/pudding ingredients

* Laundry (yes, more chores.)

* Email O in Moscow, C in Rotterdam

* Email T here in SF about December dogsitting

* Get a mani/pedi (manicure/pedicure for those not in the know)

* Find the NetFlix movies that need to be returned and drop them in the post box

Ok, hmmm…we don’t even have children yet and already my life feels so busy. What happened to this summer’s “Lay about the house posting blog entries, eating chocolate, and getting lots of sleep trying to cope with all the changes in my life?” Well…it was an unsustainable lifestyle. The Ukrainian has begged me for over a month now to make him Ebelskivers. I’ve never made them before, but he has complete confidence in my culinary abilities that he thinks I will have no problem. He rarely asks me for much, so this I will do for him.

And with each point the dow drops and gyrate, I become more and more intent on keeping the job I do have. It’s a good one. I’ve had enough jobs to recognize that.

I really, really wish the agenda included things like:

* Post pictures/videos of our trips to Seattle, Mt. Diablo, and Iowa

* Finish blog post about how I reawakened my inner hidden feminist and as much as I am jealous of all the folks in Iowa being able to afford a house, me and the Iowa Stepford wife thing wouldn’t jive.

These things could happen, you never know. But I make no promises.

But hey, if you are reading this…let me know…What are *you* doing today? Just tell me in the comments section!


2 Responses to “Today’s Agenda”

  1. Kara Says:

    today I am just now getting to my computer time… must email a friend who invited us to dinner last week (!!) and download pics I took of phoebe lately or my mom will explode. and check all the blogs and pages I like to check. Today we went into town and had a lazy brunch at a chilly mexican restaurant with Rachel, Charley’s daughter, and her mom. We helped them do some computer stuff. Then we drove home to meet a friend who was passing through on her way to Houston to fly back to Argentina, where she lives currently. Charley went out for BBQ and brought it home for dinner. I did diaper laundry, made some granola, entertained the baby, washed up after dinner. We called our friends who just had a new baby (daddy is home from Iraq for a couple weeks for the event) and then we all took a shower (phoebe loves it) Charley rocked her to sleep and put her down while I made oatmeal to eat while we watched an episode in season 3 of Stargate SG-1. We watched two. We planned our week, and Charley went to bed. Here I am!!! whew. Usually on Sundays, we take a family walk in Lockhart Municipal Park, but didn’t fit that in. My friend who visited, Bev, and I walked around our 3 acres while Charley fixed a leaking water pipe instead.

  2. puigirl Says:

    Oh Kara, that sounded like a positively cozy day! But busy too!! Have been missing your twiter updates though I know it must be hard with the baby.

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