Green Card Update #2

Tomorrow is our green card interview. We have spent the past several evenings rushing around trying to make sure all our paperwork is in order. We sent in a 4-inch thick packet of paperwork with our application in May, but we want to bring duplicates in case the INS (USCIS) lost anything. Additionally, I have legally changed my name as well as my employer — so we have new documents to bring that prove:
1) Our marriage is “real”. We love each other (hence the proof that I have changed my name — though not all women marrying foreigners do this).
2) I can financially support him. Not necessary in that the Ukrainian can support himself. However, if anything should happen, I need to prove I can support him as I am legally financially responsible for him for the next 10 years if the greencard is approved.
3) We have co-mingled our assets, bank accounts, health insurance, etc. Usually, the INS likes to see a joint mortgage or lease. But, we don’t have a proper lease on our apartment (we are tenants of one of San Francisco’s famous privately-owned month-to-month rent-controlled ancient Victorian flats). As such, we have gone above and beyond the requirements of showing merged assets to prove we have a ‘true marriage’.

Later today, I need to go down to Walgreens to print photos from our family wedding, honeymoon, engagement party, trip to Iowa and any other significant event that has happened since May that shows we married for love.

Tomorrow, as I mentioned, is the appointment. Even though the USCIS office is only 1 block from my work office, I have scheduled the entire day off. I do not want to risk anything that might put me in a bad mood and cause me to show up for our interview surly. Best to be relaxed and happy. 🙂 Oddly, we are not allowed to carry cellphones or anything of the like into the interview. Even turned off. They *must* be left at home. Or, for those who have forgotten, you can leave them at the bodega across the street for a small charge.

Wish us luck!!


6 Responses to “Green Card Update #2”

  1. forget-me-not Says:

    Good luck!

  2. puigirl Says:

    Thanks!! 🙂

    We were “approved”. If all goes well, we should have the greencard within 3 weeks. Will write about the experience this weekend. It wasn’t entirely terrible, but we definitely felt on trial!!

  3. forget-me-not Says:

    Congratulations!!! So, how did it go? Did they ask you any particularly teasing questions? Did they put you in separate rooms? This all must be quite humiliating I suppose 😦

  4. puigirl Says:

    Coming, coming…I swear the next post will be about the interview itself. We got off fairly easy, but it was not enjoyable at all!! 🙂

    For now, I am all blogged out! 😉

  5. puigirl Says:

    Also, thank you for the congrats! I didn’t realize how stressed I was until it was all over. Took 3 ibuprofen and 2 chamonile teas to get me to sleep that night!!

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