Hulu laughs

I am lying on the sofa, working. The east coast office had called an early-morning meeting that made my work-day start at 6 a.m. It is now a quarter after 10. My day is 1/2 over before many west coasters have even started theirs. I don’t think I will go into the office. In the next room — in our kitchen that isn’t really a kitchen — the Ukrainian is watching Tina Fey play the role of Sarah Palin during the vice-presidential debates as spoofed by Saturday Night Live. He is watching it on Hulu.

He has been watching Hulu all morning

First, the Simpsons. Now, Tina Fey.

I can’t hear the shows. I can only see them briefly as I walk on by the Ukrainian as I go into the kitchen to refill my cup of tea or nibble on a cookie.

But I can hear the Ukrainian laugh. So rarely do I hear the Ukrainian laugh so full-heartedly as I hear him today.

See, he is trying to adjust to working in a new country where standards and expectations are different than those in his own country. He is trying to learn a new industry. He is trying to go to school full-time. He is trying to make his wife happy. He is trying to help take care of the dogs and the house.

And he is succeeding. Slowly, but surely, he is getting over that hump of trying to figure out how his new world works. And what is his role in this new world. And what does want. And what he will become.

So today…today, he is taking a rare day off from all these roles and expectations and trying-to-figure-things out. He is laughing. He is enjoying the fun of his new world’s popular culture. He is enjoying the free tv offered by Hulu. He is enjoying technology. He is having fun. And relaxing.

And he deserves it.


One Response to “Hulu laughs”

  1. Dr. Geek Says:

    And for all those Tina Fey/SNL Palin-parodies, Hulu is the place to do it… I couldn’t get a jitter-less viewing of them anywhere else. Good to know that he’s taking a well-deserved moment to relax.

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