A few of my favorite posts

I am suddenly getting some traffic (from my comment on Judith Warner’s Schadenfreude?). I do have a more timely post-in-progress, but it’s sleepy-time here in San Francisco, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. So may I point you a few of my favorite posts? They are about the adventures and love of the Ukrainian and I. (Scroll down more to see our efforts at a Green Card and a baby.) Leave a comment if you like!

As for tonight’s debate, the Ukrainian couldn’t watch it as he had class tonight. So I watched/listened while making my Martha Stewart’s extremely delicious homemade vanilla pudding (yeah, yeah, I jazz it up with purest of organic ingredients, extra bourbon vanilla, and evaporated cane juice as opposed to sugar).

My reaction-in-a-nutshell:

  • Palin reminded me of how I did in high school debate — though I know there are plenty high school seniors out there who could argue with more substance than she did.
  • I was completely wow-ed and impressed by Biden. I have long been an Obama fan and am very ok with my decision, but I really wish I had paid more attention to Biden during the primaries.
  • Palin offended Biden by thinking she’s special for being a mother and can therefor relate more to the struggles of families. My heart reached out to Biden when he started to well up with tears. i want to send Palin packing back to Alaska now more so than ever.


5 Responses to “A few of my favorite posts”

  1. Rosemary Molloy Says:

    Nice, NICE comment on the “debate.” I know Biden lost his wife and child in an accident. Wonder if those watching thought to compare his tragedy with McCain’s catting after Cindy while still married to his first wife–who was recovering from horrendous injuries caused by an accident. Oh, but that’s the “family values” party, isn’t it?

  2. puigirl Says:

    That’s an excellent point Rosemary. I didn’t immediate make the connection during the debate as I was so floored by Palin pulling such a mean-girl-stunt. My heart really reached out to Joe.

    Humans are hypocrites by nature. But the Republican Christian Right takes hypocrisy to a whole ‘nother level (yeah, I can talk folksy too — that doesn’t make me qualified to be president) with their holier-than-thou attitude trying to moralize people trying to be people. But somehow, if people feel guilt and shame and want to “redeem” themselves and proscribe to the Christian, Republic, Evangelical doctrine, the it’s ok to “make a mistake”. But if you simply try to be good in the first place or put out that the world is more complicated than black-and-white, then the RCR will demonize you.

    I will applaud the moment when gay marriage is legal — when all residents of the USA have the same legal rights and legitimation as my husband enjoy. Not just in practice, but also in name. I understand why Obama is not ready to legalize the word “marriage” for gays — the country seemingly is not ready for it yet — but he seems to be an advocate for legal rights and recognition of same-sex domestic partnerships. Let’s hope he promotes this in office and the States take it one step further as California has so recently done.

    How can the Republicans deny the legal recognition of a committed loving relationship, yet have many of their members engage in adultery, homosexual encouters in a public restroom, etc.?

  3. Jeff Says:

    Living in the South, I sometimes despair that there may be no one else out there (there certainly are precious few in my city) who share my values (liberal) and my hope for the upcoming election. It’s a breath of fresh air and an almost tearful experience to realize that there are others, dare I hope for a majority, who share my opinions and hope for an Obama presidency. Thank you all for posting.

  4. Tertiumquid Says:

    Appreciated your thoughts on Judith Warner’s column. Her column on Sept-25 entitled Poor Sarah is a brilliant bit of writing not often seen in newspapers:


    Glad there are others who see the divide between the popular culture traffic in what passes for passion, and the substantial heart informing the smile, the look, the kindness showing pop-culture as the toxic mimic it is.

    Keep writing, and remember editing too. Vital.

  5. puigirl Says:

    Thanks Tertiumsquid!

    Loved Judith Warner’s column on “Poor Sarah”. I laughed throughout it! Though I think there is nothing wrong with a woman being attractive and qualified for the role she is presented with, unfortunately Sarah Palin does not fit the bill.

    And yes, I do need to edit more. Soon, soon. Thank you for the encouragement on my writing. I do truly appreciate it. I find it validating a desire I’ve long had.

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