Penelope Trunk and Drama

I read “The Brazen Careerist” by Penelope Trunk. It’s a blog on career advice. I’m sure I came across it looking for career advice on Yahoo! Careers — if not for me — then definitely for the Ukrainian (not because he can’t manage his own career, but because changing and advancing a career in a foreign country is really, really hard). Rarely do I agree with Penelope’s advice, but I keep reading.


Because of her drama. Her divorce. Her interaction with her younger business partner. Etc. Apparently, she knows this as she notes in today’s blog post:

She also acknowledges how hard it is to write when you have so much stuff going on.

So today, I wrote. And I’m going to try to write more. And post pictures. I will try my best to keep it about learning Russian (language and culture) and Ukrainian (culture only) and all the fun California things we do, but I am hoping to somehow document the beginings of my nascent marriage. I don’t want the writings to be full of drama. I don’t want to turn into Julia Allison.

But I do want to explore the expectations, challenges and rewards of marriage — intercultural and not. None of them are what I was expecting at all. And we’ve been married for such a short time, god knows what the future will bring and how we as husband-and-wife:  Team Z! (to be a bit cheesy) will respond.


2 Responses to “Penelope Trunk and Drama”

  1. Nadin Says:

    Hello! I read you blog- so sincere,and honest… nice to see if smb is so happy in love as you! i wish you happiness and long live with your Ukranian student! and as far as i understood, you need some help in learning russian? if so i will be glad to help you somehow! dont hesitate to contact me:)

  2. puigirl Says:

    Thanks so much Nadin! Unfortunately, the actual learning of Russian has been put to the side a bit as I have started a new job recently. So I am trying to pick up on Russian/Ukrainian culture as that seems to be less demanding on time. Maybe later in the autumn, I will try at the language again.

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