A truly good, green card day

Yes, I haven’t written awhile. The Ukrainian and I have been very, very busy doing lots of fun things — which I intend to post about soon.

And no, I’m not still learning Russian. Or rather, yes, I am. But I’m on break from the language given the new job and all. In the meantime, I have been spending *lots* of my spartan freetime learning Russian culture and history. And yes, paying attention to the conflict in Georgia. But more on all that later as well.

But today  was a very, very good day — especially important as I was feeling the world looked a bit bleak and hopeless for a few days over the weekend.

Here’s the list — in order of occurence:

1) My new iPhone arrived. It’s supplied by my employer in lieu of a BlackBerry and so that I can one day develop iPhone apps for iPhones.

2) An email from my aunt inspired me to reread an email I sent my younger, female cousin last week. After the rereading, I suddenly had a very deep wise “AHA!” epiphany over why I made so many unhealthy decisions regarding men in the past — not only in the men I chose or rejected (pushed away/sabotaged) or hung onto in hopes of unrequited love being validated and returned — but also in how I related to them. I sort of always knew these things, but the email made those (failed) relationships and choices make even more sense.

3) I deleted the Bulgarian from my yahoo instant messenger friends list. Our contact now barely hovers above non-existent, but I don’t need to see when he is logged in and when he’s not. We’re long over and I’m married now. No need for daily reminders of his existence.

4) My husband — the Ukrainian — brought me flowers at work. Pink tulips. Without cause or reason — but just because he’s romantic like that. 🙂  And no, he didn’t know I deleted the Bulgarian from my yim list.

5) I realized my boss and I have compatible working styles. 🙂

6) The news of the day that made me jump up and down with glee and excitement!!:  We received notice from the USCIS (formerly the INS) that we have an appointment in September for our “Green Card Interview”. This is great news and assuming it goes through ok — should help the Ukrainian’s employment prospects — as the Green Card is a much better document to have than his current work authorization. I have and will continue to mentally prepare myself for living in the Former Soviet Union and/or Eastern Europe if necessary. But, I’d rather not — especially given Putin’s apparent current expansionist agenda.

7) UPS sent me my refund for the customs duties for the over-valued prize from Boucheron I won for my writing in July. 🙂

Life has hope.


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