Finding a place to start the future

Yesterday, the Ukrainian and I rented a ZipCar and drove around looking for the absolute perfect place to exchange our own written vows in front of my family and our American friends. It had to be perfect:  a place we both loved that also showed off the beauty of San Francisco, but also wouldn’t be too cold and windy during a foggy San Francisco July evening.

We started at Eagles Point at Lands End.

Sadly, one overgrown tree makes it impossible to get a perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Then we moved onto European Food Wholesale located at 31st and Clement. It’s a Russian deli that sells a lot of imported E. European Foods as well as a few items from Western Europe. We’re not planning on getting married there, but I needed to use the toilet and my Ukrainian wanted to find some treats from the mother country

Next stop was Baker Beach. From here you can get a perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge. But it’s cold and windy (and, to state the obvious:  sandy). Do we really want have our guests in their wedding finery out here?

We then drove on to the Palace of Fine Arts. A beautiful building surround by gorgeous gardens, but currently encased in scaffolding, and thereby not wedding-worthy. Our conversation went something like  this:

Me:  This sucks. It would’ve been the most perfect spot to get married.

Ukrainian:  No, the construction makes it even more beautiful. The construction is symbolic of our relationship. We re constructing a family.

Me:  We are? I look down and rub my belly. I don’t see anything in here. Does this mean we are starting?

Ukrainian:  Ha ha. Ok, maybe not yet. But we will.

From there, we drove to Greens Restaurant to scope out a possibly dinner venue for the rehearsal dinner and to also fill my Ukrainian always-rumbling belly. It has a magnificent view of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge as well as the most delish vegetarian food. Alas, it was closed for a private party. I was beginning to sense a theme here.

Moving on to Golden Gate Park. While we had a list of places to visit, we had no map (Golden Gate Park is bigger than Central Park). My Ukrainian does not believe in printed maps. He is a man of technology. And thus our maps are always on GPS or the hard-drive of a laptop we carry around everywhere (hopefully we get iPhones sooner rather than later and we can ditch the laptop). We pulled out the handy-dandy iMac and found this very romantic spot:  Shakespeare’s Garden.

Beautiful, eh? It’s one of the most popular spots in San Francisco. But what you can’t see in the picture is the contstruction for the new Science museum going up right next to the garden. Clearly, 2008 is not the best year to get married in San Francisco.

We walked on to more scenic sites….

The Chinese Pavillion:

The snack stand by Stowe Lake….(remember the always-rumbling Ukrainian belly):

The Portals of the Past monument at Lloyd’s Lake (definitely not here)!!…

Some lovely gardens….Rose Garden and Fuschia Garden are pictured below.

The gardens are lovely, no? The problem is that none of the gardens are particularly San Francisco. They could be gardens anywhere. So we left Golden Gate Park with San Francisco’s beautiful Sutro Tower in the background.

Hmmm….maybe we should check out Sutro Heights Park.


2 Responses to “Finding a place to start the future”

  1. janna Says:

    I know we already talked about how pretty these places are and how handsome your man is…but is it just more or is my little sophia maria getting chubby like her sister?


  2. puigirl Says:

    @Janna: Hahahah!! Yeah, she has filled out a bit. Blame the Ukrainian for giving them meat and stuff. But Sophia’s weight is still healthy, so I prefer thinking of her as non-anorexic rather than chubby! 🙂 Anna on the other hand…we make a sport of rolling her down the SF hills (j/k).

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