Lesson One-A4: Nothing much happens overnight

Yesterday morning, I continued on with the Russian. Rosetta Stone has many ways to drill into your head the vocabulary and concepts you have just learned. “I want to do this right,”  I thought. “I’m going to do every exercise of every lesson and I am going to learn this language so well that when I finally do visit Ukraine and Russia, I will surprise everyone by being magically fluent in Russian.”

So…uhm, yeah…I am a big dreamer. A cocky, ambitious dreamer.

I fell asleep Sunday night before starting Lesson 1-A4 of Unit one. So that is where I was picked up. On Sunday night, Rosetta Stone said the Russian word for ‘cat’ while showing the word ‘cat’, and I was supposed to pick the picture of a cat out of a series of pictures. On Monday morning, I had advanced to Rosetta Stone saying the word ‘cat’, and I was supposed to pick the word ‘cat’ out of a series of words. Wowwww!!! Huge advancement.

I decided the lesson was boring. I knew the words for cat, dog, girl, horse, etc. now (koshka, sabaka, debvushka, leshad), but could I write them? In short, no. I skipped onto the writing section of Lesson One and couldn’t even complete the first word. Somehow matching words and sounds to pictures hasn’t yet made fluent in the phonetics of the Cyrillic alphabet. Funny that.

I am greedy with my languages. I want to know it all and I want to know it now. But there is a process to be followed, and it requires patience and discipline.


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